Monday, August 4, 2014


Well, for those of you who have been counting my days as a missionary, I'm sure July 31st was a big day for you! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, well, there's always repentance....Ha! On July 31, 2014, I, Sister Miller, hit my one year mark of being a missionary!!!!!!!! WHAT, WHAT?! PARTY OVER HERE, WHOOT WHOOT! PARTY OVER THERE, WHOOT WHOOT! GET DOWN TONIGHT!! PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR AND WAVE THEM LIKE YOU JUST DON'T CARE!!! WILL THE REAL SISTER MILLER PLEASE STAND UP, PLEASE STAND UP!! that that is over... :) 

It was pretty cool to hit my one year mark here. I mean, looking back and seeing all that I have gone through and how much I have grown was a real trip down memory lane. Let me start off by reflecting on the crazy things I have done: eating balut, running on a sketchy hanging bridge, doing my laundry in a bucket, then using that same bucket to shower, surviving a huge typhoon and many monsoons and tropical storms, it's been quite a year!

I have also met so many truly amazing people and hearing their stories has inspired me in innumerable ways. I have seen how much I have grown spiritually. It's funny, how when you take away the things in life you think you need, like your iPhone, your car, McDonald's, or even a hot shower, you really come to see and understand what is important in life. I feel like I see the whole world in a different way now. I look at everything in a new light and have obtained a greater appreciation for the things I have been blessed with in my life. I have an amazing family that has always supported me no matter what I'm doing. Friends who have always been there to go and be crazy with without questioning my standards. And most importantly, a Heavenly Father who loves me so unceasingly that He is always there...ALWAYS. 

This Gospel and the knowledge and application of the Atonement of Christ is the greatest thing anyone can obtain in this life. Throughout this one year, all I have been doing is teaching others about just how much Heavenly Father loves them and the plan He has for them. I can't count the number of times I walk out of a lesson feeling like I was the one who was taught by the Spirit. I have heard that your testimony grows and is strengthened as you bear it. My testimony is like the Hulk Hogan of testimonies now! I know, without a doubt, that this is the truth. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, as restored by the prophet Joseph Smith, is Heavenly Father's plan for us to return to live with Him and obtain eternal happiness. I have seen the sacrifices the people I teach make in order to align their lives with God's commandments. At first, it is so hard for them, but each and every one of them who has accomplished this task did not regret it in the slightest. We all have problems and trials in our lives but through living in accordance to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and I mean really living, not just going through the actions, we will find peace and happiness in even the darkest and dreariest parts of life. That is the miracle of the Gospel.

I would invite each and everyone of you, non-members and members alike, to learn more. Study the messages of the missionaries, read the Book of Mormon, and ask for yourself if this is the truth. Ask your Heavenly Father personally if you are doing everything you can in order to work out your own salvation. 

I know that this the most important work I can be doing right now...inviting others to come unto Christ. I love you all so much and will see you in 6 months!!! HOLLA :)

Sister Miller
7-31-13  With Mom and Meg right before they dropped me at the MTC.
7-31-14  I wore the same outfit I wore on my first day...glasses and all.
Sister Manilingan acted as my mom in blue and Sister Hart as Meg in red.

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