Saturday, June 7, 2014


What it do my family, friends,loved ones, and any total stranger who may be reading this?!?

Well, today's email is going to be a short one. We are having another mission activity on Monday as a sort of farewell to President Querido. I am coming from our last Mission President interviews with him, which means I am totally unprepared with no pre-written email or my camera... sorry, Mom! It's so weird to think President Querido won't just be around anymore. I'm excited to meet the new President but sad to see the old one go. 

Anyways I'm not sure what to write about... so I guess I will just share a funny thing that happened to me and my companion. One day we were walking from one appointment to the next when we saw this old guy watching us. This man is known as "the guy who eats rubbish" because, well, he eats trash off the street. I guess he is not all there mentally and is always trying to talk to and harass the sister missionaries. So we see him one day and he is just watching us as we pass him. Then he starts to follow us! I, of course, quicken my pace. My poor Filipina companion has the shortest little legs and was struggling to keep up! As we start walking faster, we hear him start walking faster. I guess for the sake of my mother I should mention that we didn't feel like we were in danger, we just didn't want to get stuck talking to him and trying to explain who we were and answer all his questions that would just lead nowhere. Anyways so as we start walking faster and faster, we hear him behind us break into a jog, well, like a limping jog. I glanced back and he looked just like a zombie! His clothes were all dirty and torn. His hair was a mess and he was covered in dirt. He was even groaning a little as he was doing his best to run. I felt like I was in the freaking Walking Dead! I just started laughing at the thought of the sight of two sister missionaries running away from a zombie! Now that would make a good movie. Forget about the RM or the Singles Ward, mix missionary work with zombies and you've got yourself the next big Mormon movie hit! 

I quickly realized that this jog of ours was going no where and this guy was going to follow us all the way to our next appointment and maybe scare our investigators away. I said a prayer in my heart and decided to stop at a little store on the side of the path to get a soda and see what he would do. My poor companion was so out of breath and needed to take a break. Luckily, the store was full of people and the guy just kept walking. I guess it was the protecting hand of the Lord. We had a good laugh about it for the rest of the day!

I love being a missionary! I love all the silly things that happen to us everyday! But most of all I love helping others feel the Saviors love for them through His Gospel. 

I love you all!
-Sister Miller

This is a beautiful country!

I love Zambales!

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