Monday, June 23, 2014

Enjoy to the End!

My Dearest Family & Friends,

This last transfer went by SO fast! It was only four weeks because of the new Mission President, President Dahle, coming in at the end of the month. Neither Sister Gonzales nor I were expecting to transfer seeing as I just got here. Welp, we were wrong! Sister Gonzales was transferred and I got a new companion, Sister Ete. I seem to have what they call the "islander curse" because over half of my companions have been either Tongan or Samoan. I like to look at it as a blessing! Sister Ete is from Samoa and this is her second to last transfer. This is her 5th area and I am her 9th companion. She enjoys the color green and long walks on the beach under the moonlight. :) 

This trike is a little cramped!
It has been a little bit crazy leading the area after only four weeks of being here but I can definitely feel the Lord's help and guidance in our work. This first week was a little like running around like chickens with their heads cut off (which our farmer neighbor assured me really happens and invited us to see.....I passed!) We have been able to track down some part member families and see them begin to progress. I love part member families, especially if the member is less active. Then I get to witness them come back into the Gospel and help their family enter into the waters of baptism. I get to see how much happier their lives become! When President Hinkley was here, back in the day, he  promised the Filipino people that if they abided by the commandments of God, they would always have rice in their bowls, a roof over their heads, and a shirt on their backs. Seeing the conditions people live in here, I would say that just about every person NEEDS this Gospel in their lives. I have seen how that promise has held true for the members of the Church. 

There is no greater feeling than being able to find a family, see them progress, attend their baptism, and witness how their lives change for the better when they stay true to their covenants. On the other hand, it's heart breaking to witness a newly baptized member fall away due to challenges in their life. No one says that after baptism all of your problems will magically disappear....quite the contrary. Satan works to derail you as you strive to follow the path of righteousness. He will do all in his power to stop you, but no challenge, no problem, he throws at you will be worth falling to because in the end, the reward makes the trek all worth it. We just have to patiently push forward, with trust in better days ahead. 

This philosophy has gotten me through the toughest parts of my mission and I'm sure will carry me throughout my life. It is applicable in everyone's lives. As we strive to do what is expected of us as children of our Heavenly Father, I know that we will receive blessings. It won't be easy, but it will be so worth it.

I love you all!!
-Sister Miller

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