Monday, June 16, 2014

Choices and Priorities

Well another week, another email! As usual I am going through a stupor of thought as to what to write. I can only remember the most recent events in my week so I will share with you a little story of how I butchered a pig this morning! 

It all started when the new senior couple moved in next door. They are only part time and live on their farm for half of the week. So they told us that they would be slaughtering pigs last weekend and asked if we might want some of the meat. I mean sure, why not right? I don't know if this is unrealistic but I was expecting pork chops or nicely cut pieces for us. Instead we got half of the pig... chopped into two huge pieces! How the heck was that going to fit into our freezer? Well it wasn't, and the responsibility fell to me and Sister Hart to chop it up. We both took the chunks and just started whacking away! It was all fine and dandy until I came to the heart. I was't sure what it was, seeing as I had never had the opportunity to butcher a pig before, so I poked it a little. BIG mistake! Next thing I knew, blood was everywhere. Now I do know you're suppose to drain the blood before you chop it up so I'm not sure why I was suddenly covered in pig's blood. I got a little taste of what Carrie must have felt like at the prom. Sister Hart and I just started laughing, and maybe gagging a little! Sister Hart and I always find a way to have a laugh. She is my house mate from Australia. We have the same taste in music and movies so we became pretty close the first week I was here.

We had the opportunity to attend a broadcast specifically for the Philippines yesterday. I loved it! Elder Quentin L. Cook spoke and said one thing that really stuck out to me. While speaking of our choices and priorities in life he said, "If you have not chosen the Kingdom of God, in the end it won't matter what you chose instead," How true that is! I always remember people telling me in high school that it doesn't matter how popular you are or what kind of clothes you wear or blah de blah. I usually just brushed it off because I personally didn't think any of that was relevant anyway. But I never caught the true message behind it...nothing really matters that isn't beneficial in bringing you closer to the Savior and helping you on your path to salvation. It's like the sprinkles on a Krispy Kreme donut. It's a nice perk but the best donut, as everyone knows, is the original glazed! Sometimes we get so distracted with all the colorful sprinkles that we forget our true love is for the donut itself. (I'm really trying to make this analogy work but I'm getting a little distracted by how much I miss Krispy Kreme!) I love how Elder Cook put it. In the end, if you didn't put your pursuit for the Kingdom of God over any other pursuit, then no matter how high your social status or how much money you have in your bank account, nothing will really matter. 

I am so happy to be here helping people realize the correct path they should be on, or helping others find their way back. I know that as we put our priorities in order then we will be blessed with our temporal  and spiritual needs.

I love you all so much!
-Sister Miller 
The rainy season has begun!!!

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