Monday, December 22, 2014

Early Christmas Present!

Christmas came early this year!  We were able to talk with Marissa via Google Hangouts last night.  Marissa's mission president allows the missionaries to call home on their P-day rather than Christmas day because all of the internet cafes are closed for the holiday.

This year, we were spread out all over the country and world!  Meagan was in Qatar and Mallorie was in Wyoming but we were all able to join the session and had a great time visiting with Marissa.  She has only five weeks left on her mission.  We will be flying to the Philippines to pick her up and spend some time seeing the various areas where she served and meeting her "peeps!"  We are so excited for that!

Marissa looks so happy!
(It was the middle of the night for Meg!)

Even Macy got to chat with Marissa!
We are so proud of Marissa and her dedication to the Savior and the people of the Philippines.  We have been blessed as a family because of her great service and I know that she had grown and learned so much during her time in the mission field.  Those things will continue to bless her throughout her entire life!

I want to extend a special thanks to all of you who have written to Marissa or sent her packages and called or emailed me when you heard about typhoons just to check up on her.  She has felt your love and support and I know it has meant so much to her...and me!

Merry Christmas...........Maria

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