Monday, September 22, 2014

Missionary WORK!

This week has been great! We have been able to see our area begin to progress. We have been working as hard as ever and have seen how our hard work pays off. Another big tropical storm came through and it was KILLING Sister Ruga and me to have to stay inside. Eventually we decided to just go out and rough the storm. We had some really good, solid appointments and although soaked, we were happy. 

I've really seen how much hard work pays off here on the mission. It's called missionary WORK for a reason, because it's a lot of hard work. But I can say that when I have been working my hardest, I feel the happiest! I know that when we do our best then Heavenly Father is there for us to do the rest. But we need to show Him our drive and desire to serve Him. 

I am so happy to be here in the Philippines, tropical storms and all, serving our Father in Heaven. 

I love you all!
-Sister Miller

We got stalled when we came across this big guy walking to an appointment. When we got closer, he got a little mad so we waited for a solid 20 minutes for him to move. Look at the size of that tongue!! 

One big happy family!!!

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