Monday, August 12, 2013

The First Letter from the MTC -- August 3, 2013

Kumusta Pamilya!!

Soo here it is, my first letter home from the MTC!! Well as you could have guessed today, Saturday, is my P-day. So far I have eaten breakfast, layed around in bed for a little bit, and read my scripts. I feel like I have been here for FOREVER but not in a bad way!  Last night we taught our first investigator, Danilo, totally in Tagalog!!!! It was seriously one of the scariest things ever.  My companion (Sister 'Ete'aki) and I arrived 5 minuets early expecting to meet up with the rest of the district to get a little bit of an overview of what we were suppose to be doing before we actually began teaching. NOPE! We walk in and are totally blindsided by Danilo going about like we were going to teach him right then and there!! So, not only did we not have time to practice what we were going to say, we only had half of our lesson prepared!! It was a train wreck but now we know what to expect for tonight and we will be able to do better!!
In class, our teacher speaks in only Tagalog. It is kind of overwhelming but I know it will help me learn the language better.
My companion is Sister 'Ete'aki. She is from Portland, Oregon and is Tongan. It is funny because if you're a Pacific Islander here at the MTC, you are automatically best friends with any other Pacific Islander. She is super cool and we have the same sense of humor so we are already getting along great! All of the six girls in my room/district are going to Olongapo, too, so chances are I will be companions with at least one of them in the Philippines, so I better be nice and make a good impression!! :)

My kasama, Sister 'Ete'aki
My daily schedule looks a little like this:
6:30- Wake up
7:00- Arrive in classroom for daily preparation
7:30- Eat breakfast
8:00- Classroom Instruction with Brother Poole
11:00- Personal Study
12:10- Lunch
12:55- Language Study
1:55- Additional Study time
2:25- TALL (Computerized language study)
3;35- Gym Time aka Four Square time :)

5:10- Dinner
My whole district at the temple.
5:55- Classroom Instruction OR Teaching Your Investigator Time
9:00- Daily Planning Session
9:30- Personal Time/ Companionship Prayer
10:15- Quiet Time
10:30- Lights Out!
Each day the order is shifted a little bit, but we do the same things everyday.

So good news, NO BED BUGS!! I hear that they are only infesting the Elder's residences so I am in the clear for now! I still look daily around my bed frame and on my sheets but so far, so good!

Well, I love you all and am so thankful for each and every one of you! 
Alam ko po na totoo po ang ebanghelyo at mahal po tayo ng Diyos at ng Jesucristo.

OH YEAH AND KEEP THOSE DEAR ELDERS COMING!!!! I flippin' love getting them everyday! :)

Alllllright then, peace and blessings :)
-Sister Miller
I knew I was given great power as a missionary
 but no one told me it was this great!!
(Just walking up a wall... no big deal!)

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  1. Hello Marissa, it's really fun to read your letters and experiences so far while being in the MTC.
    Pretty soon you'll be in the Philippines with new adventures to tell us about.
    Love your blog!

    Aunt Debbie