Monday, August 12, 2013

Narnia Holes -- August 10, 2013

Whaddup from the MTC?!
Our District Leader snoozin' in class!

This week has literally flown by!! We have so much to do every day that we don't really have time to sit there and think, "Man, I'm tired!!" Instead we are being pumped with so much information that we can't afford to fall asleep! But that doesn't stop some people in my district, especially the district leader!  I have yet to fall asleep in class, knock on wood!

Today all the girls in my room decided we would get up early and go to a 6 o'clock yoga class. The class was good but my kasama and I were laughing the whole time about how ridiculous we looked! We decided to take a nap when we got back and wake up at 7:30 for breakfast. Instead we all slept until 9 and it was GLORIOUS!!!! I feel so dang sleep deprived and it's been making me sick! All week I've been stuffed up and coughing and basically miserable. But again no bed bugs or serious sickness. As mom's favorite musical says, "Always look on the bright side of life!!" Haha...just kidding, Mom...I know it's not your favorite! :)

I love my district! The guys always give me crap about being from Kansas and how they're all from "God's Valley" aka Utah.  I just give it right back to them, in a loving way, of course! Our district leader from Draper claims Utah has the best BBQ in the country! I feel bad for the poor, unfortunate soul who has never had a proper pulled pork sandwich from Okie Joes! Man, I miss good food. Don't get me wrong...the food here is alright but there's nothing like the smell of Jack Stack's BBQ baked beans or Mom's onion straws!

Aak!  It's a rat!
Something cool I learned is that the MTC has Narnia holes. Narnia holes are little compartments in the residence where previous missionaries leave things for the next missionaries to come. We have only found two in our room so far and they're really fun to find.  Our Narnia holes are behind switch plates that have three of the screws taken out so you can rotate them and see what's inside. One of ours had some candy, a packet of vitamin C, and dog treats. Why someone had dog treats at the MTC I'll never know! The other one was really good. There was a figurine of a rat from the movie Ratatouille! It doesn't look like a real rat but still scared the girl that opened up the Narnia hole for the first time! I'm thinking of some good things we can leave in there for the next missionaries that live in our room.

Next week we will be the oldest sister missionaries in our zone!! I still feel like I don't have the hang of anything!!

I started reading Jesus the Christ this week and I already love it!! I love how much you can feel the Spirit here, but I can't wait to get to the Philippines!!

I love you all and apologize for how short this letter is!!
Talk to you next week!

 I ran into Sister Jenson!!
Another member of the 
Chipman Chinchillas! #YNOT
Mahal kita,
Sister Miller

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