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STL's! -- August 17, 2013

Kumusta Pamilya at Friends!!

This week has seriously been indescribable so I'm not even going to try!

Sister Miller

Hehe juuuuuuuuustttt kidding! 

This week has been amazing though!! On Sunday my kasama and I were called as Sister Training Leaders! It's basically the sister version of a zone leader. We are to get to know all of the girls and we are the first ones they go to when they have any problems! It is kind of stressful because we are in charge of welcoming all of the new sisters and making sure they know all the rules and are always where they are suppose to be! 
      This towel is a hand down from many STLs before us. You sign your name and when you were there and then pass it on when you leave. 
This is us and the old STLs, Sister Jones and Sister VanFleet.

Our first assignment was on Tuesday when we had to pick up a sister coming here from Kiribati. She is super sweet and only speaks a little bit of English so communicating was kind of a challenge! But we were able to take her to her first devotional and we tried REALLY hard to get some stellar seats and we ended up on the third row on the FLOOR!!! It was awesome but I haven't even gotten to the best part yet... it was RICHARD G. SCOTT!!! His address was sooooo good and I felt like he was talking right to me. Partly because I needed to hear everything he said, but also because we made eye contact at least 10 times!! Needless to say I shed a tear or two. He talked about faith and prayer and gave us an apostolic blessing that we would learn our languages. As he was walking out he was waving and yelled, "Be good!!" He is so sweet.Hands down one of the best devotionals of my life! Then on Wednesday the rest of the new girls arrived and we got to take them around the campus and get them the low down on the MTC. It's weird to think that that was me two weeks ago and now they're looking to me to answer all of their questions! 

The rest of the week was pretty normal...just trying my best to learn the language and prepare inspiring lessons. We taught Ernesto last night and we committed him to be baptized!!! It was our second visit with him and I was feeling a little discouraged because we were running out of time and our lesson wasn't over, but the spirit just led us to exactly what he needed to hear! It was a great experience for sure. There is a teacher here, Brother Langer, who taught us on Wednesday when our regular teacher was sick. He is seriously my favorite teacher now! Not ONE of the Elders or Sisters fell asleep, which is usually a regular occurrence! He had us sing hymn number 140 (Did You Think to Pray?) as an opener and with every verse he led us faster and faster until we could barely get the tagalog words out! It is now our district song! We were all laughing sooooo hard! Brother Langer comes in our class just to help out a couple times a day and he thinks kasama and I are hilarious! Like whenever we will do a hand shake or just have a funny conversation, we can count on Brother L to give a little chuckle. All of our teachers are super smart and we can really feel the spirit when they teach! As a class we really want to have the spirit there but sometimes we get a little cray.  We start to sing hymns when we are getting restless or something and it really helps us to refocus. The other day we decided to sing primary songs and I LOVED it! 

Today I got a STUPENDOUS surprise from Meg! 
What else could be better than a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts?! 
I know... NOTHING!! She's the best :) 

Also today we picked up three more sisters from Kiribati (pronounced Keer-ah-bess). They are all so giggly and happy to be here. It reminds me of why I am on a mission. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to be here and to be going to the Philippines to share this joy that I know comes from the Gospel. I know that this church is true and that having the gospel in your life is such a blessing. This week my testimony was strengthened on how much Heavenly Father knows and loves us all as individuals and that He is there when you pray to Him. I am so thankful for the knowledge that I have and can't wait to share it!

Mahal kita,
Sister Miller

This is our whole district during study time. We didn't want to leave anyone out so all 10 of us squished into a table made for four people!
It was fun and a great bonding experience!

I got all the girls in the district to wear their shorts like this to gym time.
We like to rock that Urkel style :)
We set up a nerf basketball hoop outside our door and have basically not stopped playing on it since it's been up. I must admit some of the girls have good moves but we all know I am the
dunk master champion!!
Yeah we like to do AT LEAST 50 pull ups a night... no big deal!

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