Monday, May 5, 2014

When in the 'Peens.....

Alllllllllohhhhaaa!! I'm feelin in the Hawaiian spirit today! :)
So here's a funny story. The other night we were walking along this path to a member's house and there were like 100 frogs right in our way. It was so weird! The branch missionary who was working with us was scared to death of frogs so she was hiding behind me was we tried to walk through. Now I don't mind frogs... as long as they are staying still and not hopping around unpredictably. Let's just say there were a lot of hoppers that night. It was quite a sight to see three girls in skirts squealing and jumping to avoid these silly frogs that, I'm telling you, wanted nothing more than to make a mockery of us! Luckily there were a whole bunch of kids to witness the scene. They were laughing at us and then wanted to show us the frogs... up close! At first I was NOT down with that! I guess I had lost some of my edge because I didn't even want to touch one! Then I got myself together and said, "When in the "Peens...!!" The frog was pretty mellow after I had a good grip on it! Many pictures were taken to commemorate the experience. By this time we were right by the member's house and the dad had come outside. If this whole experience wasn't enough to make my heart rate accelerate, the dad tells us that the frog's skin was POISONOUS!! We gave the frogs back immediately and dosed our hands in alcohol and hand sanitizer for like 15 minutes! I was worried that I would wake up with a gross rash but nothing happened! 
I'm not afraid of you!

Hand sanitizer to the rescue!

It has started raining here again! One particular night it was raining especially hard after a scorching hot day. If there is one thing I learned from girls camp,  it's to never pass up an opportunity to go singing in the rain!! Sister Snow, Sister Salelesi, and I all went out and danced and sang in the rain for a good 20 minutes. Then, being the resourceful missionaries that we are, we decided to put the rainfall to good use. Someone grabbed their shampoo and conditioner and the next thing you know we're all showering in the rain!! It was fun and a nice stress release! Well, it was until we spotted our old man neighbor creeping on us through his window... so we decided it was about time to go inside! :) 

Making good use of a rain shower!

On Thursday night we had a cultural presentation with the whole branch. Everyone participated. The Relief Society, the Elders Quorum, the youth, the Primary... and the missionaries! We didn't know any Filipino traditions or cultural stuff so we did a Hawaiian hula dance to a song from Lelo & Stich. It went really well and everyone loved it! 

Hula girls!

Thursday day I went to the mission home for Mission Leadership Council. I always love going to MLC because I get to see my trainer and all my Sister Training Leader friends and old Zone Leaders. It's also a super spiritual day where we talk about how we can lead the mission both in our stats and in our spirituality. I have learned so much on  this mission about becoming closer and more like our Savior. While serving, we need to strive to be a Christlike missionary, no just do missionary things. I think that can be applied in everyone's lives. We all need to follow Christ's example and strive to be Christlike in all of our actions, not just do nice things because that is what we are suppose to do. In the end it's really the WHY of our actions that we will be judged on. I know that as we strive to exemplify Christ in our daily actions that we will not only help others but we will help ourselves grow closer to our Father in Heaven! 

Love these Sisters!

I love you all so much!
Sister Miller 

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