Monday, April 14, 2014

Love is the Answer

Another week, another email, a whole lot has happened!

My companion went home on Monday. Her time had come and her mission was done! Sister Gonzales was so excited, like a little kid in a toy store, or if you prefer, a bunch of Mormon teenagers in a toy store, the latter being equal in excitement! Anyways after she left, I was without a companion until Wednesday. On Monday, I went and worked with other sisters in my zone. I went to Sister Garrett and Sister 'Ete'aki's (two sisters from my MTC district) apartment and had a last party before transfers. I worked with Sister Garrett and her companion Sister Hausia. We all had Family Home Evening at the Branch Mission Leaders house. We played a game where the punishment was lipstick on the face if you messed up, my idea! Everyone had a great time, including myself!

Wednesday rolled around and I got my new companion, Sister Salelesi. She is from Samoa and is only six weeks behind me in the mission. At first, she had a really hard time adjusting to this area but now she is well and I think we will do a lot of good work here.

We watched General Conference this week and I loved it! I really loved President Monson's talk about loving everyone despite your differences. I know that love is the most important thing we can cultivate here on earth. Sometimes it's just so dang hard to love people, but I would bet those are the people who need our love the most. I really strove to be one of those people who was friends with everyone in high school and college. I know it made me such a happier person! When we take out judging people based on what people look like or what others say about them we can really see others as children of God and our brothers and sisters. I remember a quote about replacing selfish striving with selfless service. I know that as we do than, not only will we be helping others here but we will be unconsciously helping ourselves find more joy in this life and in the life to come. As one of my favorite people, Ellen DeGeneres says, 'Be nice to one another."

Sister Miller

My St. Patrick's Day box finally arrived...three weeks late due to customs.
Thanks for the best boxes, Mom!

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