Monday, March 10, 2014

Jig Time!!!

Hello my Peeps!

Let me share a little jig I wrote up for you guys!

Hi there! I'm in the Peenes
It was sunny outside for a minute, now it rains!
Yeah that's right I'm on a mission
My life has just been blissin'
Left all the boys wishin'
My lips they could be kissin'

Hold on, don't get me wrong!
I'm focused on my purpose and I'm really going strong
I love to be out teachin'
The Gospel I'm a preachin'
My goals I will be reachin'
or my tears just might be leakin'

Yes Ma'am, He's got a plan
Cause we are all family so I'm teaching all I can
It's really just a pleasure 
To teach we'll be together 
For more than just forever 
Everything else is just whatever!!

Yeah... uh... I'm done!

So it's a work in progress but I think its safe to call me "Lil M&M!"   :)

This week has been awesome!! I was able to go on exchanges earlier this week with one of my besties from the MTC, Sister Garrett, and then we had a baptism on Saturday night! 

So first for exchanges! I went into the Pilar area for the day! It was a good change of scenery. I took my first bucket shower. (I have definitely been blessed to have a real shower my whole mission!!) I really loved meeting new investigators and helping them, even if for only a day! Pilar is a huge area so we were walking a lot! We even had to walk across a river!! I was not prepared and was wearing my Toms-like shoes (canvas) instead of rubber ones, but I just took those shoes right off and started walking! I love being STL because I get to have exchanges with all the sisters in the zone and see how their areas are progressing!

The water was moving pretty fast so I was just really focusing on not falling over.
Anything for Sister Garrett's investigator!   :)

Saturday I had my first baptism in this area! I loved it! Her name is Sister Jona and her sister is an active member of the church but none of the other family members are. She has such a sweet testimony and I loved being able to witness her feel the change after her baptism! 

| love being a missionary and experiencing, as well as sharing, the joy that comes from knowing and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that this is the true church here on Earth and am so grateful to be a part of it!

I love you all so much!!

Stay Gold.

Sister Miller

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