Monday, February 17, 2014

Another Chunky Jam Week!

My week was chunky jam full of awesome things!! First we had Zone Conference, then I BBQ'd it up KC style, then it was Valentine's Day, then the other Sisters had a baptism and the kid who was baptized was soooo dang cute,

So Zone Conference. It was really spiritual and I learned a lot. One of my favorite talks was from Sister Quierdo, our Mission President's wife. Let me give you a little background on Sister Quierdo. She is the one we text if we aren't feeling well. Without fail, no matter what ailment we may be experiencing, she tells us to drink water and we will feel better. I LOVE it. It has become a running joke among the missionaries. Example... "Ahhh...I broke my leg!!" "Drink some water... It will make you feel better!" So with that in mind, can you guess what her topic was? Did you say 'drinking water'? If you did, you would be... RIGHT! As soon as the first slide of her presentation went up reading, "10 Benefits of Drinking Water", a unified snicker came from the entire congregation! She made some really good points....Did you know our brains are 80% water?....and I have vowed to start drinking more water!  It was also fun to see everyone and take pictures.

This is our District Leader who is returning to Tacloban this week.

This is Sister Makihelle from my MTC district.

And the whole gang!
Now BBQ!!! I received some Famous Dave's rub in my Christmas package (Thanks, MOM!!) and decided to put it to good use the other day. We went out and bought a cheap grill and some pork chops and the rest is history! It was so delicious!! My taste buds felt like they were back in good ol KC!!

Long Live BBQ!!!
My favorite day this week was definitely Valentine's Day. We went to visit all of our families and I gave them all Valentines. I cut out hearts and wrote little messages on them and included Dum Dums compliments of my Aunt DeLynne! They all loved them! 

I  just love these families so much!!! Transfers are coming up and when I think about leaving them, it makes me want to cry!! I've been here for 6 months and have made so many friendships that I can't really imagine my mission without! I can't wait to come back here after my mission is over and see them all again! And I haven't even left the area yet!! I can feel a little of what Heavenly Father felt when we left Him and came to earth. I am going to miss these people here but that is why this work is so important. I know that through this gospel we can all see each other once again after this life. That's why I'm here, away from my family for a time so that other families can be together for eternity.

This is Nanay  Daculin, who is one of my favorite people EVER!!!
The other Sisters had a baptism this week. He was a 9-year-old whose older brother is an active member, but none of the rest of their family are members. His older brother was able to baptize him and he was so excited. After the boy was baptized, I saw him jumping up and down and saying, "YES!!! I'm baptized!" It was so cute, I wanted to cry!! 

Man, I make it sound like I want to cry a lot so let me clarify: I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world...even being at the game where KU will beat Duke in the finals of the National Championship by a last-second, three-point buzzer beater! I mean that would be great but not as great as being on the other side of the world with no air conditioning, speaking a strange language, and truly changing peoples lives, as well as my own. 

I know this work is true. I know that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us! 

I love you all too!! Talk to you next week! Write me if you want :)

Sister Miller

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