Saturday, September 7, 2013

This is It! We are Bound for the Philippines TOMORROW!!!

Kamasta Friends and Family!

Alright...... I am officially leaving the Missionary Training Center in 26 hours 34 minutes and 24 seconds!! I am so excited!! I've been packing all day and trying to figure out how to make everything fit! 

President and Sister Anderson
It has definitely been a week of goodbyes. Since we are leaving RIGHT after sacrament meeting tomorrow, we took pictures with the Branch President, President Anderson, and his wife last week. It was weird because it didn't feel like we were leaving anytime soon. But I was glad we were able to get pictures with them because Sister Anderson is literally the craziest lady I know which just makes me love to talk to her. She says the darnedest things that make me bust a gut laughing for days! (Remember the temple parsley story?  That was her!)

That night for Sunday devotional, the previous president of the Philippines MTC was the speaker. He and his wife literally stood up and spoke about how awesome the Philippines is and how it's basically just the greatest place in the world. If I wasn't already going to the Philippines on my mission, I would have been so jealous because of all the good things they were saying!! My district went up and talked to them after the devotional and they were so nice! We took a picture together but it is on another sister's camera so I will have to send it later. Then I saw President and Sister Nally (president of the Provo MTC) and was finally able to tell them that her brother is my stake president in Kansas. Sister Nally wanted to get a picture of us together to send to President Priday so maybe he will forward it on to you.

Monday was normal but Tuesday night's devotional was superb!! Elder Evans of the Seventy and his wife came to speak to us. This guy has the coolest job. He just gets to hang out with all the Apostles all day!! He told us of a time when Elder Holland and the rest of the Twelve were having a gospel discussion and he was there just adding his input. That's SO awesome!! Anyway, his whole talk was centered around Jacob 5. He made so many good points and it was really enlightening. One of the things that stuck with me most was when he drew a parallel between the last time the servant prunes the vineyard and today. He told how all of the other times the servant asked for more time, but for the last time he asked for more servants. He related this to when President Monson lowered the missionary age and called for more missionaries. I wrote 'October 6, 2012' in my scriptures next to verse 61 since that was when President Monson made the announcement. It really made me think about how I need to "labor diligently with all [my] might."

The rest of the week went by super fast!! I can't believe I am leaving TOMORROW!!!! I read some emails today from the elders that left for the Philippines last week and they are loving it! I am so excited to go out and spread the gospel to the Filipino people! I know this is Heavenly Father's work and that He is always there supporting me! Thanks to all of you who support me with letters, emails, and packages.

I love you all!! 

Sister Miller
This is our district with one of our teachers, Brother  Caulder.

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